18 July 2018
Contest task 5 was a lottery. More than 50 reported outlandings are the best way to describe this competition.
11 July 2018
W czwartek 12 lipca w godzinach 16.00-19.00 warto wybrać się na rynek przed kaliskim ratuszem. W programie dla dzieci: - zabawy integracyjne - rywalizacje międzygrupowe - wyścigi rzędów - gry zespołowe
6 July 2018
Current plans for saturday: Tomorrow there will be a safety briefing for all competitors at 10.00AM. Before the meeting at 9.45 Professor Krzysztof Kubryński will present the new polish glider Diana-3. The glider will be delivered by Avionic company at about 9.30 and it will stay in front of the briefing hangar. Later the pilot Łukasz Wójcik will fly the Diana-3. See you!
4 July 2018
Our new sponsor Avionic company will present its new glider Diana 3 on upcoming Saturday at the airfield and on Ostrów marketplace during WGC opening ceremony.
4 July 2018
Here's a small shopping guide for you. Galeria Ostrovia shopping centre is just 12 minutes (7km) from the airfield. We have 3 grocery stores in range of 1km near airfield. 2 supermarkets: Dino (open mostly from 6AM till 10PM and Lewiatan (open mostly from 6AM till 9PM) are located in Lewków. The smallest grocery is on the way to them.
4 July 2018
Official trainig Day 1. We’ve got more than 100 pilotes at the airfield for now. During the briefing they had an opportunity to taste delicious coffe by Woseba. Today’s grid was sponsored by Ignaszak - Autorised Dealer of VW, Audi & Skoda, who lent us a car for event needs. Thank you!
2 July 2018
Lots of "sz", "cz", "ś" and "ż". Polish language is a hard nut to crack, but remember "Practice make perfect". Glider pilots and team captains around the world took part in a project called "Polish your polish". Watch how the managed to go through some tongue twisters and key sentences :) Proper pronounciation by Sebastian Kawa.
25 June 2018
Less than two weeks left! Counting has just started. Let your friends know where’s the most important gliding event in 2018 and show them our official teaser od 35th FAI World Gliding Chamionships made by www.infostrow.pl.
12 November 2017
We would like to invite all glider pilots to participate in Ostrow Glide and 35 FAI WGC Competitions in May and July 2018. Please note schedule for 2018 published below.
17 September 2017
Time of memmories... Please take a look at video from Ostrow Glide 2018 July editon made by one of our sponsors - "Tacit Investment" (the owner of apartments at Twarda 4 in Warsaw). Enjoy!