Gold for Poland

July 22, 2018, 7:13 p.m. / Maciej Całka
The team Gold for Poles and the champion titles were defended. Polish pilots after two weeks of fight got almost everything.

On Sunday the 35th world gliding championships officialy ended.
It was a ferocious fight, because it was known, that the Saturday's flights will be the last.  And that just happened, there were also some suprises, but the champions showed their skill. Polish anthem was sounded twice  – for the first time for Sebastian Kawa and second time for Polish team. Also the thing that Polish fans were hoping for happened – after long, and tiresome fight Sebastian Kawa and Łukasz Grabowski defended champion titles in the 15 meter class.   The fight on the last, Saturday task was hard, because German and French pilots wanted it as bad as anyone else. 

„Rivals showed what they wanted to do rightaway. Just when i went under the cloud people started flying after me and they wouldn’t stop. I decided to do something with it and because you can’t hide in the air i just landed. I waited for the standard class to take off and washed my glider and  Łukasz Grabowski “got lost” and flew far into the track . Germans thought the moment is good and went to the track and we cought up  to them easily. It was magnificient”-  said after winning   Sebastian Kawa. 

The title of the vice champion of the world in the 15 metre  class got  Łukasz Grabowski, it’s his best achievment in the Polish team – two years ago in Benalii he got the third place. This was also second world championships, in which he flew with Sebastian Kawa. Both of them laughed, that this means a huge improvement for  Grabowski, because Kawa already stopped – all the time first and first place…
 „I had a team goal, to get two medals and for the second time in a row it happened. I still can’t wrap my head around it, i’m still cooling off , but the hapinness is anourmous nontheless”- said the vice champion. 
In the club Class  Tomasz Rubaj became a vice champion, only Rasmus Ørskov from Denmark bested him. Jakub Barszcz got the fourth place in the same class.

In the standard class Sjaak Selen from Netherlands was a champion,  second place belongs to  Makoto Ichikawa from Japan, and the third place on the podium is for  Mateusz Siodłoczek – the youngest Polish pilot.
„If someone told me before championships, that I can get the third place i would go blindly. It’s still hard to believe, that I have a place on the podium. I’m sad only because we didn’t get medals together with Łukasz Błaszczyk  but I’m better greatful that he cooperated with me, that he supported me and we completed each other. I’m really happy about my score”- said Siodłoczek.
Łukasz Błaszczyk, as the only pilot form local Areoclub of Ostrów got the fifth place on standard class:
„It’s a really good score for me.  I really don’t want to excuse my self , but I was really close to not starting this season. It was because of the termins with my job, it needed more of my notice than usual. But its worked, it was good working with Mateusz and his score really make me happy”. 

The Polish team also got the team world champion medal which was given to Jacek Dankowski – captain and trainer of the team. 

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