See location of Michałków Airfield (EPOM) on Google Maps.

Ostrów Wielkopolski, the nearest city is located as shown on this map.

The coordinates for the airfield are:
Latitude: 51° 42’ 06’’ N
Longitude: 17° 51’03’’ E


Hotels & Accomodation


Camping site

1 person - 6 EUR

In order to make a reservation simply just send e-mail:


Reccommended Hotels near Airfield (full list in Bulletin 1)

Gorecznik Hotel
Górecznik Hotel - 20 km from EPOM (but only 15 minutes!) [ROUTE] see also: Icon special WGC competitors offer (810,4 KB)

Platan Hotel - 7 km from EPOM [ROUTE] see also  Icon special WGC competitors offer (241,0 KB)

Borowianka Hotel - 4.5km from EPOM [ROUTE]

Klara Motel - 7.0 km from EPOM [ROUTE]


Airfield Hostel 

Sorry but no rooms at Airfield available already. In order to confirm earlier reservations plase send e-mail:




Nearest airports

The nearest airports are in Poznań, Wrocław and Łódź. Here are the websites (all in English):

Getting to Poland

Poland is in the Schengen Area. Those of you coming from outside of the Schengen Area shall expect typical border formalities. Please take this into account while planning your journey. If you need a formal invitation for your team (eg. to obtain a visa), Organisers will provide you one when asked.

Road travel - paid roads

Road network in Poland offers full variety of road types and their quality. In general, we recommend using main roads and highways than taking shortcuts with local roads. Highways (motorways, "autostrada") are marked on blue background. Some of them are toll roads with toll booths. Other highways and express roads are paid with an electronic ViaToll system. This one does not apply for cars with maximum allowed total weight below 3,5t. However, if combined maximum allowed masses of your car plus trailer exceed 3,5t, you should install ViaToll box and pay for travel. Information about the system and map of roads covered by ViaToll may be found on their website.


Unleaded fuel for car engines is available in 95 and 98 grades, usually marked as Pb95 and Pb98 in green colours. Sometimes they forget to put a line across the "Pb", but it is still unleaded. Diesel fuel is marked as "ON" on black. Those of you using Propane-Butane should look for LPG letters. Rest of you should avoid using "gas" word, as "gaz" is a polish word referring to LPG.

Speed limits and lights

Following car speed limits are in force in Poland:

  • 20km/h in habitat zones
  • 50km/h in urbanized area (60km/h between 11PM and 5AM)
  • 90km/h outside urbanized area (70km/h with trailer)
  • 80km/h max with trailer
  • 100km/h on a road with 2 or more lanes in one direction
  • 100km/h on single-lane express roads
  • 120km/h on express roads
  • 140km/h on highways

Speed is controlled both by stationary Police cars and video radar booths. There are also a few unmarked police cars able to record speed and manoeuvres. Your headlights shall be turned on at any time on road, dedicated daytime lights may be used if your vehicle has any.

Road navigation

You may find using the navigation road signs a bit tricky at the beginning. In general, pay more attention to the road number of your choice than the city name shown. We strongly recommend using a GPS navigation system, which will be especially useful during retrieves. Make sure your navigation database is updated, as there are many new roads of good quality which you do not want to miss using the old ones. If you're coming from southern directions, make sure to avoid city center of Wrocław using new A8 motorway bypass. This will save you about an hour of driving.

Foreign languages

Of course we would love if you learn Polish language! If you decide not to, you can still try to speak other languages. At least basic level of English can be expected with younger people. Some people speak German, especially in near-border regions. Other languages like French, Italian, Spanish are of secondary popularity. Russian was a mandatory foreign language in schools for a long time, so many older people are still able to speak it.

Polish language basics

From time to time you will be forced to spell Polish words. To help Poles understand you, try to avoid most common spelling errors:

  • "c" is always spelled as "tz" (you know French city Metz?), except for "cz" or "ch" conjunctions,
  • "ch", as well as single "h" is spelled as an audible "h" in "hotel",
  • "w" is always spelled like "v", in fact there's no "v" in our alphabet,
  • "g" is always spelled like "g" in "golf",
  • "j" is always spelled like "y" in "yankee",
  • "ó" and "u" are pronounced like "oo" in "wood".


Glider parts in Polish